Trucking Industry Trends

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Reader Poll: How Often Are Your Trucks Detained?

You’ve probably got a detention horror story or two. The stories usually start with your truck being stuck at a dock for hours on end, waiting to get loaded or unloaded. It ends with the headache of trying to collect a detention fee to get compensated for those lost hours. How Much Does Detention Actually Cost?Detention fees are just a drop in the bucket when compared to what those lost hours actually cost. If… Read More

Who Makes More Money? Owner-Operators or Company Drivers?

Wages have stayed stagnant for most Americans, except for one group of workers: Truck drivers. Since 2013, the average annual income for long-haul truckers rose 17%, while wages rose less than 4% for everyone else, according to the Wall Street Journal. Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics Company… Read More

Samsung Tests "Live View" Truck Camera and Display

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Truck Drivers: What Makes Your Day?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week begins on Sept. 13. Each day that week DAT will be sharing a different way people can… Read More

Capacity Higher Contract Rates = Opportunities in Disguise

Spot market freight volume is soft, and capacity is loose. Large truckload carriers are raising their prices, but spot market rates are down. There are more freight brokers entering the market than there were last year. These and other emerging trends could be opportunities in disguise. Understand and leverage these market forces, and grow your business in the second half of 2015.Capacity is much looser now than it has been in… Read More

Loose Capacity Offers Opportunities to Freight Brokers

We all know 2014 was a tight capacity year…. Driven by… weather, HOS regulation, driver shortages, and port congestion – all of which had an impact on truck capacity. Meanwhile, demand was increasing due to an improving economy, including the development of new oil and gas drilling sites that expanded traffic on quiet truck lanes and consumed intermodal capacity. 2015 is more like 2013 for freight volume, but capacity is much… Read More

Technology Fuels Freight Logistics: Jeff Tucker in Wall Street Journal

Jeff Tucker's guest column in yesterday's Wall Street Journal pointed to the pivotal role of technology, including… Read More

Breaking News in Freight Transportation: Read it Here First

If you read this blog regularly, you are familiar with DAT's perspective on the news and trends in transportation and logistics. You may not know, however, that the DAT Freight Talk Blog and DAT Trendlines have become a go-to source for many industry publications.For example, DAT’s Mark Montague took to the blog recently to describe an interesting development in refrigerated freight. Texas is now the number-one state for outbound… Read More

Capacity is Up, Along with Freight Volumes, Rates

News headlines insist that capacity is tight, while a look at industry data often shows there is plenty of capacity. Which is true? Both, actually. According to DAT's numbers, overall truckload capacity—as measured by the millions of truck posts on DAT load boards—is higher than it has been in the past two years. Tight capacity still exists; however, it’s not a national issue. It's a regional and local issue where trucks are… Read More

6 Ways Low Fuel Prices Affect Carriers

Springtime freight is coming on strong, and rates are climbing. We're starting to see more of the seasonal trends we're used to, but freight rates from DAT RateView show that van rates (including fuel surcharge) on the spot market for February were down 5.1% compared to a year ago. As a national average, that equates to… Read More