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Top 10 markets for van loads in the first half of 2018

It's been an unprecedented year on the spot market so far. In 2018, we've seen record volumes and record prices, with the national average rates for each trailer type setting all-time highs in June. Red-hot demand and tight truck load capacity has led to a super-charged spot market. The DAT load board is the largest on-demand truck… Read More

Trade War? "Watch Transport Stocks" Says Broughton

Will the recent tariffs lead to a full-blown trade war? Not so fast, says Donald Broughton, managing partner at Broughton Capital, in an interview on CNBC. Broughton, a longtime financial analyst who focuses… Read More

Pressure Rises on Truck Load Freight in May: DAT Freight Barometers

Demand continues to escalate for trucks equipped with dry van trailers, and capacity is still constrained, as we head into a seasonal peak in June. Looking back a few months, we see that these trends began to accelerate in January. After facing severe pressure from the broad adoption of ELDs — which constrained capacity, created a large imbalance in the marketplace, and drove our DAT Dry Van Barometer to record highs — it appears… Read More

Intermodal Appeal Grows as Truckload Capacity Tightens

Will the ELD mandate spur an increase in market share for rail intermodal? Some believe the mandate is a watershed event for the intermodal segment, as electronic logs add to transit times for trucks, making intermodal even more competitive on long hauls. Ted Prince, COO of Tiger Cool Express, asserts that the ELD mandate changed market dynamics permanently in favor of intermodal. Tiger Cool Express offers domestic intermodal reefer… Read More

How High Will Truckload Rates Go?

Industry analysts seem to agree that spot and contract rates will keep rising due to the stronger economy and the ELD mandate. However, that shared belief doesn’t address how much markets will change, and when. Five industry experts tackled those key questions. DAT RateView is the trucking industry standard for contract and spot market truckload pricing, based… Read More

Capacity Imbalance Persists in April: DAT Freight Barometers

Capacity constraints for vans loosened seasonally in April, but there are still many more loads than trucks available in most parts of the country. That's my main takeaway from the Dry Van Freight Barometer for April. While the current reading of 59.0 does not match the extreme levels of capacity… Read More

1980s Freight Matching Secret Weapon: High School Students

When Jim Syfan, CEO of Syfan Logistics, first started working in the freight brokerage business in the 1970s, there were no load boards, no desktop computers, no internet. When he launched his own brokerage, Turbo Transport, in 1984 he would send his two high-school-aged sons down to the local truck stops to talk to truckers to see if they needed loads to… Read More

How Did Truckers Find Loads 40 Years Ago?

Gene Schultz has been in the trucking business for nearly 60 years. Ask him what technological advances have made his job easier over the years and three things come to mind: Computers Satellite trailer tracking The DAT load board "We take it for granted now because it's so easy," Schultz says about the DAT load board. "You type into the computer that you need a load from this city to that… Read More

AUDIO: How Intermodal and ELDs Are Affecting Rates

DAT Industry Pricing Analyst Mark Montague spoke with OOIDA's Terry Scruton this week on Land Line Now. They discussed the current freight trends, like intermodal shipping's impact on truckload rates, and the capacity shortfalls that have come as a result of the ELD mandate. … Read More

ELDs Add to Pressure on Driver Pay and Truckload Costs

Shippers are already paying more, sometimes a lot more, to move freight, and driver compensation will soon follow that upward trajectory, as relationships between carriers and their workers are reshaped by the ELD mandate and industry expansion. This is all playing out against a backdrop that includes steep rate increases on the spot market. DAT’s spot van rates for January illustrate the intensity, with the… Read More