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Freight Brokers Earn $62 Per Load in October, a 2-Year High

A net profit of $62 per load is the highest result achieved by mid-sized freight brokers for at least two years. That bottom line number was the product of above-average load volume and gross revenues per load. Costs were up in October, too, but a boost to load volume more than made up for the extra expenses. The gross profit margin was stable at 14.5%. The graph below reveals that October was a record month for brokers' financial… Read More

DAT Keypoint Interfaces with QuickBooks to Support Small Brokers

TMS FOR FREIGHT BROKERS Learn more about DAT Keypoint, a transportation management software designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs. In response to the needs of small businesses, DAT Keypoint® now works with Intuit’s… Read More

Case Study: Broker Doubles Revenue with Half the Staff

Sue Spero, president of Carrier Services of Tennessee What impacts the financial health of a brokerage faster: more revenue producers or better technology? Conventional wisdom would say to add revenue producers but hold the line on back office costs. But when a brokerage in Tennessee was forced to lay off brokers during the… Read More