Stay Protected with DAT’s Insurance Partner

Get comprehensive trucking insurance for brokers thanks to DAT’s insurance partner.

  • Purchase all-risk coverage in less than 40 seconds with Loadsure.
  • Access real-time, per-load pricing.
  • Accelerate claims processing to days, even minutes, instead of weeks or months.
  • Expand coverage only when it’s needed for high-value and specialty loads.

Broker Insurance

Available in the DAT Load Boards

Help your customers lower their risk

  • Better manage risk with Loadsure’s accurate and affordable protection.
  • Get comprehensive coverage specifically designed to protect your shippers.
  • Rest assured that your customers’ loads are protected against everything from employee theft to Acts of God with Loadsure’s A-rated, door-to-door coverage.
  • Insure up to $2 million for any single mode of transport.

Get the complete coverage you need

  • Never worry about losing a load again.
  • Protect high-value loads for a low, per-load price.
  • Save as much as 80% on transactional trucking insurance costs.
  • Access broad coverage, protecting even against losses outside the carrier’s control.

Make the most of your time

  • Save valuable time and money while protecting your freight.
  • Purchase cost-effective, all-risk cargo insurance in 40 seconds or less.
  • Submit claims in minutes with Loadsure’s white-glove, automated claims process.
  • Don’t spend time trying to prove carrier negligence — Loadsure pays claims even if you can’t prove loss or damage was directly caused by the carrier.

Insure your loads with Loadsure today!

Take advantage of DAT’s partnership with Loadsure and access high-quality freight insurance today. Get peace of mind, cut costs, and save valuable time by purchasing Loadsure’s all-risk, per-load insurance from within your DAT load board.

Log into your DAT account and click on tools to get started.

Loadsure is a no-brainer. I don’t remember ever really having to sell it. It’s just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better.”

Patrick O’Loughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

Claims like this typically take two to three months, but it only took two weeks with Loadsure.

 John Coviello, President GMG Transwest Corp