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  • Back-office tools to manage your business operations 
  • Insurance to give you peace of mind
  • Compliance services to keep your fleet audit-proof
  • Parking, warehousing, and service to secure your assets

Carrier Services

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Fuel Taxes
  • No more weekends spent going over paperwork and filing reports
  • Make sure you only pay what you owe
  • Record-keeping and documentation so you won’t have to worry about an audit
  • Just send us your trip sheets or GPS data
Truck Bookkeeping and Accounting

A reliable tax and bookkeeping service can help your trucking business streamline taxes and recordkeeping. By using ATBS, DAT’s exclusive trucker tax services partner, all of your records will be organized and secure, your taxes prepared and filed at the end of the year, and a dedicated consultant will walk you through the entire process. Then, you can spend your time on more important things.

  • Improve your business with professional business advice.
  • Save time with secure bookkeeping services and the ATBS mobile app.
  • Have your taxes prepared and filed without paying more than you owe
The top carrier TMS solution for DAT customers

Axele is the top intelligent TMS for truckload carriers. With easy integrations available for DAT users, you can find the most profitable loads with Axele and use DAT’s leading market intelligence to guide your negotiations.

Sign up now to increase your operational efficiency and grow your business. No credit card required!

  • Run your business better, and increase your profits
  • Simplify your to-do list with automated day-to-day functions
  • Save time and do more with fewer resources
  • Enjoy easy integration with DAT load boards

Drug Testing & FMCSA Clearinghouse Services
  • CleanFleet’s quality control standards are second to none.
  • CleanFleet delivers fast and reliable results.
  • It’s easy to stay compliant with federal regulations.
Simplified Cross Border eManifest Services
  •     Streamline your cross-border shipments
  •     Get 24/7 support and real-time notifications
  •     Pass through the border with no delays
Vehicle Titling & Registration
  • Expand your business: Re-title vehicle assets you acquire from other companies
  • Secure your assets: Liens that aren’t secured carry a potential financial loss
  • Decades of experience, so we’ll get the paperwork done fast
  • We can assist your in-house staff and give back-office support

DAT Fuel Card

Save money at the pump with the DAT Fuel Card, accepted at more that 6,400 locations across the country, with more than 1,900 locations that offer discounts from 2¢ to 20¢ off per gallon whenever you use the card. 

  • No monthly charges and extremely low transaction fees
  • Cash-draft option for emergency repairs
  • Spending control – Set daily purchase limits, and enter driver/truck information at the time of purchase
  • Security – Tracks the card number, unit number, driver’s name, odometer reading and more to ensure spending is secure and legitimate


TruckPark is America’s fastest-growing truck parking and travel guidance service. DAT, in collaboration with TruckPark, is dedicated to taking the uncertainty out of freight by helping drivers find safe and secure parking when out on the road.

  • Save time with TruckPark’s quick and easy features.
  • Know where you’re spending the night before you stop.
  • Reserve parking from anywhere with the DAT One mobile app.
Short-Term Warehousing

OLIMP provides warehousing solutions to carriers and fleets. With OLIMP, it’s easier than ever to access services like cross docking, short-term storage, and last-mile delivery.

Ready to find your warehouse space? DAT customers get 10% off their first OLIMP order and 5% off all additional orders.

  • Access user-friendly warehouse search and booking.
  • Find warehouses with the lowest prices and best reviews.
  • Connect with a nationwide network of warehouses.
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Our Free Driver Services App
The ultimate all-in-one free trucking app, DAT One combines the best trucker tools to help you find truck stops, parking, loads, rest stops, scales, fuel prices and much more.
  • Your favorite truck stops
  • Current fuel prices
  • Truck parking
  • Weigh stations
  • Detailed truck maps
  • Rest areas
  • Hotels for Truckers
  • Services for on-the-road emergencies
  • Nearby loads, within 200 miles of your location

Trucking Regulations

Get the latest info about trucking and safety regulations, from HOS and ELDs to CSA scores and more.