Aljex Integrates with DAT Direct

Middlesex, N.J. – 10/15/2012 — Aljex has integrated DAT Direct in to its hosted transportation management system. Now Aljex customers can access critical DAT capabilities directly from Aljex, without opening a second application or window; DAT data can populate Aljex screens and enhance the time-saving power of Aljex SmartSearch.

Integration with DAT Direct gives Aljex customers instant access to the DAT load board network, contract and spot market rates, and carrier validation services.

“Integration with DAT Direct brings time and money saving features to Aljex customers,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine.

“For example, you will find a new link on the Aljex Vision menu page for lane pricing.” Heine said. “Click on the link and you’ll see the recent market price for the lane. If it’s a busy lane, say New York to Chicago, you see prices from the last week. If it’s not so busy, say North Dakota to Idaho, you see prices from the last month. In between you will see two or three weeks’ worth. Your lane rates are reported to DAT for inclusion in the calculation of lane averages.”

With this integration live DAT trucks show up in SmartSearch, Heine explained. Among many intelligent functions, Aljex SmartSearch automatically displays prior loads from a given location or shipper, can offer current loads through email to approved carriers, and can book loads by email as the broker works on other business.

“Previously the data updated daily. Now you can see it live. And the carrier name is now linked to its page on the FMSCA’s SAFER site,” Heine said.

“We’re very pleased to offer the tremendous resources of DAT to our customers in a well-integrated, easy-to-use manner.”

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