Cookson Carriers Corp. Adopts TransCore’s Logistics Software, A Broker Transportation Management System

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cookson Carriers Corp., a freight brokerage based in Oklahoma City has upgraded from TransCore’s Unix-based transportation management system (TMS) to Logistics Software, a Windows®-based TMS, citing improved features, streamlined operations, and efficiency.

Cookson, founded in 1987, had been using TransCore’s Keypoint since 1991, choosing a self-hosted system that provided superior data security over a Web-based application.

According to Jerry Carmack, president Cookson, the new features drove his decision to upgrade. “Logistics Software is easy to use and the Windows interface is intuitive. The business analytics tools give me real time access to critical data about my broker operations and help me provide superior customer service.”

Steve Blair, general manager, TransCore Transportation Management, “Loyal TransCore customers are making the upgrade to Logistics Software because it provides the reliability and service they love about Keypoint, and the Windows interface that people are comfortable using in other aspects of their business. Those customers who made the switch find that the merger of functionality they are used to with the familiar Windows interface and the additional features make for a winning combination.”