DAT adds 3-day average rates to RateView, the industry standard in truckload pricing

PORTLAND, Ore.,— DAT Freight & Analytics announced today that DAT RateView now delivers 3-day average lane rates, setting a new industry standard in truckload price analysis and forecasting.

In a market defined by unprecedented volatility, having average rates based on the previous three days of actual freight bills provides the industry with closer to real-time data than any other benchmark in the industry. While a weekly average is a great guide for pricing, some markets move faster than 7-day rates can capture.

RateView was established in 2010 and today is the industry standard for freight rate data. It converts hundreds of billions of dollars in completed freight transactions, into the most up-to-date insights and intelligence available for truckers, brokers, and shippers across more than 65,000 lanes.

To ensure the integrity of their data, DAT only ever reports on freight that actually gets moved. This means that load board bids, factored and modeled rates are never included.

Ken Adamo, DAT Chief of Analytics said: “The past year has shown just how uncertain and volatile freight markets can be. Our 3-day rates will give RateView users unrivaled access to the most up-to-date rating information in the market today, which will help them make decisions faster and increase their profitability.”

About DAT 3-day RateView

The new three-day average rates are available to all RateView Premium subscribers and also provides rate averages based on 7, 15, 30, or 90 days of freight transactions.