DAT Broker TMS Adds New Load Tracking Module

PORTLAND, Ore. — DAT Solutions announced today that their DAT Keypoint broker TMS software has added a new module that integrates DAT OnTime load tracking service. This optional module makes exact load locations visible on a map, in real time, from within the TMS.

“Freight brokers are busier than ever, and shippers increasingly demand full visibility into the location of their freight while it is in transit,” said Steve Blair, general manager of DAT Keypoint. “Load tracking is a huge time saver for the broker, because it eliminates the need for constant phone calls to check in with the truck driver.”

The integration of load tracking into the TMS provides a new level of efficiency for brokers, because load information from the TMS is automatically linked to the load in the tracking module, to streamline documentation and reduce human error.

Tracking is provided by DAT OnTime™, an affordable, easy-to-use service designed to meet the unique needs of freight brokers and other third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

“Where other tracking products ping the truck driver’s cellphone to establish the shipment’s location, DAT OnTime uses the phone’s built-in GPS through a driver app,” explained Kevin Scullin, product manager for DAT OnTime. “Where other tracking products ping the driver’s cellphone every few hours, OnTime gives the broker frequent, accurate updates, better options for communication, and more reliable arrival times, all provided by the most trusted name in trucking,” Scullin added.

The load tracking module is one of many optional, third-party modules available in the Keypoint TMS. Optional modules enable customers to post loads, check freight rates, validate carrier credentials, share data with outside agents, automate back-office functions, and more, without opening separate applications to perform a variety of tasks.