DAT Keypoint Software Adds Powerful New Reporting Feature

PORTLAND, Ore.—DAT Solutions has added a new data reporting feature to the standard reporting tools in its DAT Keypoint broker transportation management software (TMS). The “Data Exporter” feature allows freight brokers to create ad hoc reports with very specific information such as weekly freight updates for specific clients.

For example, a shipper customer may request a report that includes its freight for the past week, sorted by store ID number and including sales order number, PO number, and freight charges—and they may need that report every week. Rather than downloading a report that has 50 or more data fields into a spreadsheet and deleting the columns that don’t apply, the Data Exporter feature allows brokers to check-mark only the data fields they need to generate the report. Brokers can also save the report settings as a template, so they can run the exact same report on a regular basis.

While other TMS systems may charge custom-programming fees to produce such specific reports, the Data Exporter feature comes standard with DAT Keypoint.

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Annabel Reeves
Corporate Communications
DAT Freight & Analytics
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