DAT Keypoint Software Integrates ALK Maps

PORTLAND, Ore. and PRINCETON, N.J.—DAT Solutions, a leading provider of actionable information for the transportation industry, and ALK, a Trimble Company and global leader in GeoLogistics solutions and navigation software, today announced that ALK Maps is now integrated with DAT Keypoint® broker transportation management software (TMS).

For freight brokers and 3PLs using DAT Keypoint with ALK Maps, data that used to appear as lists is now presented visually on a map. Users can see pick-up and delivery locations of all their current loads, along with total miles and estimated arrival times. The software also can optimize routes based on certain parameters, such as minimizing toll roads or finding routes that allow hazardous materials.

“Knowing the total mileage of a load is important, but seeing on a map that a load has to travel through three major metropolitan areas gives you a much better picture,” said Steve Blair, general manager of DAT Keypoint.

Blair said the maps can help freight brokers plan LTL consolidation along a route or show them where to look for capacity. “If the map shows that you have five loads delivering in the Chicago area today, that’s a good place to look for outbound capacity,” he said.

ALK Maps provides high-quality visualization with precise geocoding and commercial routing for enterprise applications. With the PC*MILER routing engine at its core, it uses a comprehensive set of commercial truck restrictions in North America, including hazmat-specific road classes and routing categories, bridge heights and clearances, weight limits and allowances, as well as one-way road designations, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions and urban road classifications.

DAT Keypoint transportation management software was the first TMS designed specifically for brokers, 3PLs and logistics functions within trucking companies dedicated to moving loads from shippers. Its client-server product provides a high level of financial and operational data security for high-growth and enterprise operations, while its SaaS product serves smaller operations, including startups.

“ALK Maps is a versatile platform that can add value in many markets,” said Dan Popkin, senior vice president of enterprise solutions at ALK. “We’re happy to see that a company such as DAT Solutions recognizes the benefit ALK Maps can offer its freight broker and 3PL clients by providing greater visibility of load status and location, facilitating identification of capacity opportunities and increasing productivity in general.”