DAT launches new, all-in-one, mobile app to make life easier for truck drivers

From locating loads to finding parking spots, DAT One gives drivers access to the services that they need on the road

PORTLAND, Ore.,— DAT Solutions, North America’s leading online freight marketplace, has launched a new service that brings together the best trucking tools in one, easy-to-use, mobile app.

This version of DAT One is a free app created to help truck drivers find, book, and deliver loads and makes trip planning simpler. Not only does it provide access to loads within a 200-mile radius of the drivers on DAT’s load board, but it also offers a multitude of discounted amenities to enable dock-to-dock support for drivers.

The new app provides access to essential services while on the road, such as parking availability, and truck stops, as well as detailed truck maps that enable drivers to plan their routes based on equipment and cargo. Key features of DAT One:

  1. Truck parking
  2. Detailed truck maps
  3. Favorite truck stops
  4. Fuel prices
  5. Weigh stations
  6. Rest areas
  7. Hotels for Truckers
  8. Truck services
  9. Nearby loads and tracking

“We are thrilled to deliver this great new DAT experience to every truck driver at no cost,” said Nadya Duke Boone, DAT’s Vice President of Product. “This new app is designed to help drivers navigate the uncertainty of the freight market by giving them a single place to find the tools they need most.”

New features and updates will be added to the DAT One app that can be downloaded for free at the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). For more information, visit www.dat.com/DATOneApp.