DAT Launches Streamlined TMS for New Freight Brokers

PORTLAND, Ore. — DAT Solutions introduces transportation management software (TMS) designed for entry level freight brokers.

DAT Keypoint Ops is designed for brokers who want a simple operations system that places the most commonly used dispatch functions on a single screen. Brokers can enter key information about the shipper and the freight, and dispatch a truck. From that same screen, they can send a rate confirmation to the carrier, confirm that the load was picked up and delivered, and print and send an invoice to the shipper. The amount of time to become efficient using Keypoint Ops is a fraction of normal TMS system set up times, and is aided by minimal required training that is available online for self-paced learning.

According to Steve Blair, general manager of DAT Keypoint, startup brokerages have expressed a lot of interest in a simple yet powerful TMS. DAT Keypoint has a strong reputation among brokers for its robust operations function, and newer companies wanted similar organization and automation, but for more basic needs.

“DAT Keypoint Ops was designed for a startup broker, who needs a simplified TMS that can easily take care of his or her operations on a single screen,” said Blair. “It’s simple to learn, easy to use, and, as the brokerage grows, it can seamlessly scale up from a single-user system to one with hundreds of users.”

DAT Keypoint Ops is a web application sold by monthly subscription, starting at $100 for the first user, and $35 per additional user. DAT Keypoint Ops interfaces with all major load boards including DAT Power, as well as DAT RateView for lane rates guidance. As the brokerage grows, customers can choose to upgrade to the full DAT Keypoint TMS, with its integrated operations and accounting functions, and optional modules for imaging, EDI, mileage, load boards and more.