DAT mobile app earns top ranking in spot freight market

PORTLAND, Ore. — Though freight-finding apps are proliferating at a fast pace, an independent report by CarrierLists found that more small carriers and owner-operators choose mobile tools from DAT Solutions over all other brands by a significant margin.

These findings appeared in their report, “Who’s Winning the Freight App Wars?”. The survey asked small trucking fleets which freight matching apps they used, and compared that against download analytics gathered from Google and Apple. CarrierLists also assigned each app a “stickiness” rating, dividing regular usage by downloads.

Of the 19 apps included in the survey, DAT’s mobile app DAT Load Board for Truckers took the top spot, ranking first for both downloads and regular users, with a near-perfect “stickiness” of 96%.

DAT created the very first load board in 1978 and since then has led the charge into the digital revolution of trucking.

“Delivering useful tools is critical to our success. User experience for mobile has become the main focus of our development team, and this kind of third party validation drives the point home that our efforts are making a difference”, said DAT President and CEO Claude Pumilia.