DAT North American Freight Index Remains Strong and Seasonal in July

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug 10, 2012 -- TransCore’s DAT North American Freight Index remained seasonally strong in July with a double digit percentage increase on a year-over-year basis. The DAT Freight Index outpaced July 2011 by 12 percent, but lagged behind June 2012 by 20 percent, following a typical seasonal pattern. July was the fifth month in 2012 this index exceeded same-month highs.

The monthly DAT Freight Index reflects spot market freight availability on TransCore’s network of load boards in the United States and Canada.

Truckload freight rates on the spot market also followed historical patterns, beginning their seasonal decline in mid-July. Rates for dry vans declined 1.4 percent compared to June, while refrigerated (“reefer”) van rates slid 2.8 percent. Flatbed rates rose in the first half of July before giving back their gains in the second half of the month. Despite month-over-month variance, rates were up from this time last year: 6.8 percent for vans, 11 percent for reefers and 3.4 percent for flatbeds. Rates are derived from the DAT Truckload Rate Index, and do not include fuel surcharges. Spot market rates are paid by brokers and 3PLs to the carrier.