DAT RateView integrates into Parade

PORTLAND, Ore.,— DAT Solutions, the largest truckload freight marketplace, and Parade, a leading capacity management platform, have completed an integration that adds DAT benchmark pricing intelligence to Parade’s automated process of matching truck capacity to freight that needs to be moved.

The integration – born out of the growing expectation for freight brokerages to become natively digital – will provide Parade customers with access to DAT’s RateView. This will grant them access to current and historical freight rates on more than 65,000 lanes across North America. Freight brokers will also be able to:

  1. Price and book loads with more visibility into the freight market.
  2. Access DAT market rate information, source capacity, match freight, and manage relationships, all from a single user interface.
  3. Ensure dynamically-priced private network capacity for optimal capacity procurement results.

Parade’s algorithms, coupled with DAT’s unrivaled pricing data, work to deliver streamlined workflows, faster bookings, and greater brokerage efficiency.

DAT Vice President of Technology Mark Bryant comments: “The integration with Parade will arm transportation professionals with valuable pricing insights that can make the complex job of booking capacity faster.”  

Parade CEO Anthony Sutardja comments: “This integration enables Parade customers who use DAT RateView to bring a new level of digitization to their brokerage and manage their capacity with even more confidence. Real-time, system-to-system communication is increasingly important for brokers as they shift to digital freight management.” 

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