DAT Solutions Releases Dynamic Truckload Contract Rate Benchmarking Tool

Portland, OR – DAT Solutions has released the next generation of RateView for Shippers, a subscription-based product enabling shippers to benchmark the contract truckload rates paid to carriers against the market average on 65,000 lanes across North America. The contract rates shown in DAT RateView are based on $24 billion of actual transactions between carriers and shippers, or the shippers’ 3PL representatives. DAT RateView’s features include daily updates to shipper-to-carrier contract rates and 12-month lane rate histories.

RateViewDAT RateView for Shippers is especially useful for shippers whose supply chain includes new lanes every year, particularly when requesting formal bids from carriers. RateView enables the shipper to reliably reflect the most current contract rate as well as the current spot rate so that they can make decisions about sourcing the lane with flexible capacity from a broker or locking in a year round rate for the new lane as soon as possible. With Shipper-to-Carrier contract rates updated daily, shippers will have at hand the most up to date possible contract rate as well as the current spot rate.

The new RateView also supports dynamic management of a shipper’s routing guide by providing visibility on tender depth decisions (i.e., shippers going to higher priced carriers when lower priced carriers cannot supply capacity). Many shippers either supplement regular bid processes with on demand request for rate changes from carriers or make carrier requests the main method for negotiating rates.

DAT RateView’s monthly lane updates and capacity reports are useful for monthly, quarterly, and annual forecasts and evaluations of transportation spends. Controls for time range and geography allow users to select specific periods and locations (e.g. city, region, state, etc.) for single lane and multi-lane-contract rates.