DAT TruckersEdge Pro, an Advanced Load Board for Business-Minded Owner-Operators

PORTLAND, Ore. — DAT Solutions announced the availability of DAT TruckersEdge Pro, the most advanced owner operators’ load board with access to 485,000+ load posts per business day, and now featuring average lane rates paid by brokers, for loads that moved in the past 15 days, taken from the company’s de facto industry standard DAT RateView with a $33 Billion database of rates based solely on transactions between carriers, shippers, and brokers.

A member of the Facebook Group Rate Per Mile Masters, reported recently: “It is my experience when booking a load, if I mention the DAT average…the negotiation [changes] quickly…[The rates offered} usually come up.” Rate Per Mile Masters has 12,630 members, primarily owner operators, who share business practices and experiences, centering around the truckload rates they are being paid or offered.

“Our goal is to serve all of our customers with trusted, timely information letting them make the best business decisions,” said Don Thornton, DAT senior vice president. “Owner operators now have access to the kind of rate transparency that was previously affordable only to the large players in the industry. This kind of visibility into market rates is critical at a time when rate transparency is not universally available to small and large carriers alike.”

DAT TruckersEdge Pro is available for a $99 monthly subscription, and includes new features such as tri-haul routing showing the highest-dollar yields for three-legged outbound and homebound hauls; IFTA fuel tax calculations based on ProMiles; guaranteed payment through DAT’s unique Assurance Program; and Canadian loads from Link Logistics, Canada’s largest load board and DAT’s sister company north of the border.