DAT Truckload Rate Index Adds Regional and Lane-Specific Benchmarking

DAT Truckload Rate Index adds customizable benchmarking so shippers, freight brokers and for-hire carriers can compare their transportation pricing against current and historical rates offered in the same point-to-point freight lanes.

Two new tools added to the DAT Truckload Rate Index enable this lane-based and load-based performance analysis. Rate Performance Reports sort, filter and report data for lanes within multiple geographic areas, between a company’s rates and the average competitive rates in those regions. Rate Drill down allows detailed analysis by load showing all of a company’s loads on a lane compared with the competitive market rate.

The new truckload rate benchmarking tools from TransCore DAT enable freight brokers and for-hire carriers to craft more timely and historically accurate bids on shippers’ requests for pricing (RFP) as well as measuring their relative competitiveness to the overall market.

DAT Truckload Rate Index is based on two unique sets of truckload freight rate data. The shipper contract rate database uses rates from more than 12 million actual freight bills between shippers and for-hire carriers per year. The spot rate database is compiled from more than 500,000 actual freight bills per month between brokers or other intermediaries and carriers.