Knight-Swift First to Pilot DAT Book Now Freight Tendering Solution

PORTLAND, Ore. — DAT Solutions announced today that Knight-Swift Logistics is leading the pilot of DAT Book Now, an automated freight-tendering technology that eliminates lengthy load searches, phone calls, negotiations, and other manual processes for freight brokers and carriers.

DAT Book Now allows carriers on the DAT network of load boards to search for freight and lock in the rate with the click of a button on their mobile or desktop device.

“DAT Book Now will allow carriers to make faster, more confident decisions about booking freight,” said Shannon Breen, Senior Vice President of Knight-Swift Logistics and Intermodal. “We’re excited to work with DAT to introduce this feature to our extensive core carrier network.”

This automated freight technology streamlines the tendering process and allows brokers and carriers to focus on things their customers really value: solving problems, planning strategies, and delivering great service. The pilot program will run through the end of May and include a wide range of partners. The Book Now feature will become available to all freight brokerages in June.

“DAT Book Now is a game-changer for brokers and carriers,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT CEO and President. “Today, tendering a load can involve multiple phone calls and interactions. DAT Book Now speeds up the process and leverages the trust and confidence the industry has in the DAT network as a place to do business. One-click and everyone will know that the load is good to go.”

In January, DAT announced Knight-Swift as the first company to pilot its new suite of rate analytics and forecasting tools. Powered by RateView, the industry-standard in trucking pricing data with a database of $68 billion of actual market transactions annually, DAT’s analytics and forecasting tools will be officially launched in April.