McLeod PowerBroker Adds DAT CarrierWatch and Onboarding Enhancements

Portland, Ore. – Validating and onboarding for-hire carriers will be easier and more efficient for customers of McLeod Software, thanks to an improved integration with DAT.

A new version of McLeod’s PowerBroker transportation management system (TMS) includes enhancements to its Carrier Interface, which taps into DAT CarrierWatch and DAT Onboarding.

PowerBroker customers can deploy DAT CarrierWatch to validate carriers’ authority, safety ratings and insurance coverage details, including an electronic copy of the insurance certificate. In addition to the comprehensive tools and data for interstate carriers, the interface between PowerBroker and CarrierWatch has now been enhanced to support validation of intrastate carriers that have no DOT number.

A new interface with DAT Onboarding has been added, as well. When a carrier registers on the DAT Onboarding website, the carrier’s master record in PowerBroker will be added or updated automatically. To expedite the onboarding process, PowerBroker will import the contracts, contacts, preferred lanes, insurance data, and carrier documents from the DAT Onboarding website, and display them in PowerBroker.

“This enhanced integration is part of a longstanding commitment by McLeod and DAT to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our mutual customers,” said Greg Sikes, VP of Products at DAT. “We are glad to have this opportunity to work with McLeod, to contribute to our customers’ ongoing success.” Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development at McLeod said, “We are eager to work with our partners to provide advanced interfaces to our customers. The enhancements with DAT will offer our customers greater efficiency and additional monitoring which is fundamental for any transportation company today.”