MegaCorp Joins DAT Pilot Program for Predictive Truckload Rate Data

PORTLAND, Ore.,— DAT Solutions announced that MegaCorp Logistics, a full-service asset-based logistics firm based in Wilmington, N.C., has joined a pilot program to test new rate-prediction dataset and tools from DAT that leverages DAT RateView, the gold standard in spot and contract truckload pricing.

“This is a great opportunity for our team to work collaboratively with DAT’s data science team to make it easier to more accurately price transportation while helping to perfect the market’s best predictive rate tools,” said Ryan Legg, Chief Executive Officer at MegaCorp. “We’re excited to participate in this exclusive pilot program.”

DAT’s forecasting data and analytic tools are based on $68 billion in annual market transactions supplied by more than 800 brokers and carriers in real time. The analytics account for short-term market effects, seasonal impacts, and long-term trends needed to provide fast, reliable pricing based on the RateView rate, the industry standard.

“In a competitive environment, a broker who can take uncertainty and guesswork out of the pricing equation has tremendous value to shippers and carriers alike,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT Solutions CEO and President. “MegaCorp is an ideal partner because of the vast number of lanes and freight types they cover, and their shared commitment to perfecting the most comprehensive set of rate intelligence in the industry.”

More than 20 3PLs, carriers, and shippers are currently participating in DAT’s pilot program. The company’s new suite of price forecasting tools will be commercially available in April, joining DAT Market Conditions Index, a new supply and demand indicator, and Book Now, a one-click tendering feature that eliminates phone calls, lengthy negotiations, and manual processes for online booking.