MercuryGate Integrates TransCore’s DAT Load Boards and Services with TMS and Carma Carrier Management

PORTLAND, Ore.– TransCore announced that its DAT 3sixty™ load board, Truckload Rate Index, and CarrierWatch carrier validation software are available as integrated features of MercuryGate International’s transportation management software (TMS). MercuryGate customers are able to access data from these apps within their TMS or CARMA™ carrier management software, without opening the applications in separate windows.

MercuryGate customers can qualify carriers’ authority and safety records in TransCore’s CarrierWatch®, validate lane rates in Truckload Rate Index™ and post loads to the TransCore DAT® Network of load boards, the industry’s largest spot market freight marketplace, providing the greatest number of qualified trucks to freight intermediaries and shippers.

Instant access to the DAT load board network, contract and spot market rates, and carrier validation services was enabled by TransCore’s Connexion™ web service. At a time of tight capacity, Connexion enables MercuryGate’s broker customers to find and on-board carriers in near real-time.