Reliable Transportation Solutions Joins DAT Pilot Program for Truckload Pricing and Market Analytics Tools

PORTLAND, Ore. — DAT Solutions announced today that Reliable Transportation Solutions (RTS), a third-party logistics provider with locations in Cincinnati and Georgetown, Ohio, has joined its pilot program with early access to a suite of new automated truckload rate and market analytics tools fueled by DAT’s industry-standard pricing database.

DAT’s pricing forecasts are based on current market conditions, price momentum, and five years of truckload rate and transaction information. RTS will also incorporate a new Market Conditions Index from DAT based on spot market load and truck posts and searches, transaction behavior, and historical trends.

“We have a unique perspective as not only a 3PL that develops proprietary supply chain management software, but also as an asset-based carrier, so we are able to see both sides in real-time,” said Lucas Brown, Chief Executive Officer at RTS. “We’ve built our business on the use of innovative technology to make pricing and transportation planning more transparent and efficient. We’re looking forward to implementing these tools, being a good feedback partner, and taking full advantage of what DAT has to offer.”

DAT’s analytics and forecasting tools are powered by RateView, the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available with $68 billion of actual market transactions each year.

“As we test our new pricing models and analytics tools, RTS has a level of expertise in logistics and software development that makes them an important voice in our early-access program,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT Solutions CEO and President. “We’re excited to collaborate with the RTS team.”

More than 20 3PLs, carriers, and shippers are currently participating in DAT’s pilot program. The company’s new suite of price forecasting, market-based analytics, and one-click rate confirmation tools will be commercially available in April.