TransCore Industry Roundtables Address Capacity Issues: Brokers as Truckers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- In the first of a series of Industry Roundtables hosted by TransCore Freight Solutions, three leading freight brokers describe how they have solved capacity constraints. Rick Staller of Bee Trucking and SA Shippers, Jerry Carmack of Cookson Carrier Corp. and Cookson Trucking, and Don Meecham of Focus North America talk with one another and the audience about how they have addressed capacity shortages by adding assets, either through purchasing or leasing trucks and/or setting up separate carrier businesses.

TransCore’s Industry Roundtables are presented as webcasts on Steve Blair, general manager of TransCore’s Keypoint transportation software, is the host for “Brokers as Truckers.”

“Brokers as Truckers” touches on key strategic and tactical problems that brokers face when adding assets to their business. Recommendations include:

  • Preserving the best shipper customers by adding trucks
  • Choosing between truck purchase and lease options, and common sense advice on equipment types
  • Maintaining separate companies for the broker and carrier business entities