TransCore Reports Flatbed Demand Continues to Outpace Capacity

PORTLAND, Ore.-- Truckload freight availability on TransCore’s DAT Network of load boards increased by 2.0 percent nationwide in the week ending March 19, compared to the previous week, according to TransCore Trendlines, a weekly barometer for spot market freight trends.

The upward trend was led by a 3.2 percent uptick in flatbed freight volume, compared to the prior week. Flatbed freight availability has increased in every consecutive week since the beginning of January 2011. Flatbed capacity for the week ending March 19 declined by 4.3 percent, bringing the week’s load-to-truck ratio to 43.3, the highest for flatbeds since 2006. The ratio indicates unusually strong demand coupled with extreme capacity constraints in that segment on the spot market.

Loads designated for dry vans increased by 1.6 percent week on week, and refrigerated (“reefer”) freight availability remained stable. Spot market truck capacity in those segments increased by 0.8 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively, compared to the previous week.