TransCore’s Enhanced CarrierWatch First to Deliver CSA 2010 Scores to Brokers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- TransCore announced it has enhanced the fraud protection features and incorporated new Federal carrier safety guidelines into its CarrierWatch™ service, an online tool helping brokers and shippers validate the operating authority, insurance and safety records of the motor carriers they hire. The new anti-fraud enhancements protect TransCore customers from “chameleon” carriers who are existing motor carriers registering as new carriers – and obtaining new DOT authority – usually to hide poor safety records or other items they wish to conceal from prospective business partners.

“CarrierWatch is the first tool on the market that makes CSA 2010 data actionable for brokers” .TransCore CarrierWatch is also ready for the initial release of the FMCSA’s Carrier Safety Analysis (i.e., CSA 2010), enabling customers to access carrier scores under the new Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICS). The new BASICS scores are expected to be released in early December.

“CarrierWatch is the first tool on the market that makes CSA 2010 data actionable for brokers,” said David Schrader, senior vice president, TransCore’s Freight Solutions. “In the on-boarding process, CarrierWatch helps brokers get a clear picture of prospective carriers, particularly when freight volume remains strong and truck capacity remains tight.”

Additionally, CarrierWatch subscribers can monitor any of the 500,000 carriers in TransCore’s DAT Directory and receive automated alerts of any changes in a carrier’s DOT authority, FMCSA SAFER and CSA 2010 scores or DOT-reported insurance.