TransCore’s Logistics Software Dispatch Control Screen Speeds Operations and Improves Brokers, 3PLs, and Agent Efficiency

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Savvy brokers and third party logistics providers rely on transportation management systems (TMS) to help them move more freight with greater operational efficiency: in other words, do more with less overhead – and faster. The new Dispatch Control Screen of Logistics Software, TransCore’s TMS , gives brokers, 3PLs and agents a dashboard covering the vital signs of the freight life cycle they’re managing, increasing their speed and efficiency in decision making and load processing.

Logistics Suite’s Dispatch Control Screen shows the critical information for every load at a glance. Staff can view order specifics, carrier history, lane rates, order credit status, and other useful information for making smart decisions. Because Logistics Software was designed specifically for brokers and 3PL providers, the screen shows exactly what they need to know to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“Dispatch Control Screen helps brokers and 3PL providers stay up to speed,” said Steve Blair, general manager, TransCore Transportation Management Software. “Without adding to their staff, companies can cover more loads, provide better service to customers, and hit their revenue and profit goals.”

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