TransCore’s My DAT Trucker Services Launches on iPhone, Truck Stop Locations, Fuel Prices, and Nearby Loads Free

PORTLAND, Ore.-- TransCore announced that its My DAT® Trucker Services app is now available to iPhone users. My DAT® Trucker Services is a free app, providing community services for long-haul truck drivers searching for truck stops, rest areas, fuel prices, CAT scales, Walmarts, and other amenities on their iPhone®. In addition, owner operators and other carriers can access up to 25 nearby loads from the DAT truck stop load board network, comprising display monitors at over 1,000 truck stops nationwide.

My DAT Trucker Services launched in May on the Android platform and already has over 45,000 downloads. A survey of My DAT Trucker users last month revealed that 98 percent of users would recommend it to a friend.

Earlier this year, TransCore conducted a survey of carriers and discovered that they were deploying mobile technologies faster and more broadly than previous studies indicated. The My DAT Trucker Services app is the first of a set of mobile technologies TransCore intends to roll out.

DAT truck stop load board monitors display a subset of the available loads found on TransCore’s DAT load boards, the industry’s largest and highest paying load board network with over 60 million loads and trucks posted annually.