TransCore’s New Keypoint Transportation Software Offers Rates, Carrier Validation, and Agent Financials

PORTLAND, Ore.-- Truck freight brokers and 3rd party logistics providers (3PLs) can now access spot market and contract rates, validate carriers’ CSA scores, authority, and insurance certificates, integrate agents’ financial statements, and track all carriers with whom they have done business as part of the new features integrated into TransCore’s Keypoint Logistics Software, the most widely used transportation software for intermediaries.

“The new release of Keypoint transportation software is designed to let truck freight brokers and 3PLs move more freight with less overhead,” said Steve Blair, general manager for TransCore’s Keypoint Transportation Software. “At a time when freight is abundant and capacity constrained, speed and efficiency are paramount.”

Specifically, the new features include:

  • Real Time Rates – TransCore’s Truckload Rate Index is now integrated into Keypoint’s order entry screen, to display the current spot market rates and contract rates, as well as the rate history for a given lane.
  • Offered Loads – An available load can be entered into the system and posted directly on load boards even if the intermediary has not yet committed to cover it.
  • Single Screen – The addition of a check call feature completes the tool set accessible from a single order entry display.
  • Constant Contact – Email is automated throughout the Keypoint system, to streamline communication with customers and vendors.
  • Carrier Validation – Keypoint now offers direct access to carrier safety data on the FMCSA website as well as integration with TransCore’s CarrierWatch® insurance certificate service and carrier monitoring.
  • Agent Financials – New, integrated financial statements for agents include balance sheets and income statements. Agent financials can be managed as separate divisions or profit centers.
  • Equipment History – Keypoint users can track all carriers who have done business with them in a given geographic area, using a radius search.

Keypoint is a single-entry system managing a 3PL’s sales, finances and operations, providing back office and managerial analytics to spot productivity and customer trends.

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