TransCore’s Weekly Spot Market Rate Review: Best and Worst Lanes in America

PORTLAND, Ore.– Based on data from TransCore’s Truckload Rate Index, dry van rates for major lanes within the Northeast held the top positions on the spot market, as rates from Philadelphia remained stable for the 7-day period ending October 26. Philadelphia to Boston short hauls remained the top paying lane for dry van round-trips at an average rate of $2.09/mile, up 1 percent over the previous week. Dry van rates from Charlotte to Philadelphia and Columbus to Philadelphia took the second and third spots, respectively.

Among the worst lanes in America for dry van rates, the backhaul from Charlotte to Memphis paid an average of $0.88/mile. However, the Memphis to Charlotte run offered the greatest upside by adding a third leg or trihaul to get back home. A carrier could add 35 percent more loaded miles by trihauling through Jackson, Mississippi ($1.50/mile) before heading back to Memphis ($2.08/mile) and increase total revenue per mile by 114 percent. In addition, the Hot Market Maps for TransCore’s DAT load boards show two available dry van loads for every truck on the Charlotte-Jackson lane.

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