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Take the guesswork out of your business strategy with the most real-time and relevant transportation insights available.

Get business intelligence tailored to your needs, with customizable reports on freight rates, supply and demand, market trends and much more.

Find answers to your transportation questions

Custom Analytics from DAT iQ gives the deepest view of the truckload marketplace, built specifically for your business.

Empower your business strategies

Inform your business goals with deep insights into pricing, supply and demand, seasonality and much more.

Plan with precision

Get granular data such as daily market rates for specific zip codes or capacity insights to empower your execution.

Decide with confidence

Data visualization tools allow you to quickly assess, analyze and report to stakeholders.

Data delivered however you want

Our customizable reports are available through Tableau, APIs, Snowflake or FTP file exchange.

Trendlines Report

Get the free weekly report on truckload rates and national supply demand trends.

National average spot rates
Supply and demand metrics
Van, reefer and flatbed insights
Fuel prices
Plans & Pricing

Custom Analytics

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A few things you might be asking yourself

DAT iQ analyzes activity on DAT One, the largest on-demand freight marketplace in North America. That includes load posts and searches along with truck posts and searches from hundreds of thousands of users. DAT iQ also analyzes shipment invoices from thousands of network contributors who rely on us to benchmark their freight rates with the overall market. That rates database includes more than $116 billion in transportation invoices in 2021.
Pricing is tailored specifically to your business based on your needs. Let us know what problems you’re looking to solve, and we can provide a range of options.
The closest to real-time available in the industry, at a size and breadth that allows you to look at granular insights not available anywhere else so that you’re better equipped to manage market volatility.
The data collected on our network undergoes a rigorous verification process, and the size of the database is such that no individual company can influence these reports.

Need help deciding?

Tools from DAT Freight & Analytics help companies source truckload capacity, build and respond to RFPs, add predictability
to their budgets, and much more.

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