How the freight pros find loads

DAT TruckersEdge: Professional
$ 135 /mo
  • Avg rates for past 15 days
  • TriHaul: Better-paying routes
  • IFTA fuel tax calculator
  • Plus all Enhanced features
15-Day Rates
  • DAT TruckersEdge Pro rates in the load board search results are averages based on what carriers have been paid in the past 15 days.
  • Prices on the spot market can change quickly, so 15-day rates let you see the changes as they happen.
  • You’ll know that you’re not leaving any money on the table. Or if the rate drops, you’ll know in advance which lanes to avoid.
DAT TriHaul
  • Say no to cheap freight with the one-of-a-kind TriHaul tool. For every lane you search, DAT TruckersEdge will suggest better-paying routes that include an extra destination on the return trip.
  • For example, if you hauled a load from Chicago to Philadelphia and can’t find any good-paying loads on the trip back from Philadelphia, you can look at TriHaul for other ways that you can get back to Chicago.
  • One suggestion could be to take a load from Philadelphia to Buffalo, NY, instead, and then another haul from Buffalo to Chicago. If it works with your hours of service, the extra leg might add as much as $1,000 in revenue.
Full North America Database
  • Want to see Canadian loads? We’ve got you covered.
The NASDAQ of Trucking

DAT RateView is the most trusted database for truckload freight rates, used by carriers, 3PLs, shippers, economists and Wall Street analysts.

RateView data is based only on actual payments to carriers, not bids or asking prices. Our proprietary system ensures that you get the most accurate look at the most accurate market conditions, based on zip codes (not radius) and real market behavior.