No More Check Calls


DAT OnTime™ is the most driver-friendly freight tracking service, giving you the controls.

  • Share your location with no check calls
  • Proof of waiting times
  • Access to new customers with high-paying freight

Click one of the app services below to download the app on your smartphone.

Install the App Now on Android or iPhone:

DAT Android Load Board App for Truckers

DAT IOS Load Board App for Truckers

DAT OnTime Gives You Control

  • Other tracking products "ping" your phone constantly to get the location; OnTime uses your phone's built-in GPS
  • You can pause tracking whenever you're off duty, so you're in charge
  • You can tap "check in" when you arrive with the shipment, which sends a notification to the load provider
  • Provides full-proof documentation of wait times
Truck Driver On Mobile Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I let anyone track me?
Shippers who have expensive freight want to know where the load is at all times, so offering freight tracking gives you access to better-paying loads. Plus, it saves you from having to deal with the headache of check calls.

What do I get out of tracking?
For one, loads that require tracking tend to pay better. It also lets you share the load's location without having to make a check call. And unlike with other tracking tools, DAT OnTime lets you check in and check out when you arrive at the dock, so you'll have proof if you're trying to collect on detention.

How much does it cost?
Free. All you need is the app on your phone. The broker covers all costs associated with DAT OnTime.

Where do I get the app?
Download it here.

I have the app. Now what?
The app will ask you to log in when you first open it. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account to save time, or create a new login with your email. The app will also ask to verify your phone number to make sure no one is pretending to be you.

Why do I have to log in?
So that the details about the shipment are sent to the right person, and it allows the app to save your preferences. The app will not have access to your personal info.

Who can see my location? 
Only the broker or shipper using the tracking app and DAT OnTime have access to that information. DAT does not share that info with anyone else. 

I have a flip-phone. Can I use that to be tracked?
DAT OnTime works on smartphones or tablets running either the Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android operating system. If you have a device other than that — or if you don't have data plan — you won't be able to use the app. 

When does location tracking stop?
You can turn tracking off at the touch of a button whenever you're off duty. 

Will this app use up a lot of my data plan?
DAT OnTime runs in the background and uses a minimal amount of data, unlike a mapping app that is constantly updating map graphics on your phone.

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