When it comes to freight intelligence, accuracy matters.

Take the uncertainty
out of transportation.

Cutting-edge analytics from DAT iQ gives shippers deep visibility into truckload freight, with benchmarks and forecasts from the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium (formerly part of Chainalytics). Measure and maximize your procurement strategies and transportation budgets with the deepest source of transportation data available.

Keep your finger on the freight Pulse

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Where are truckload prices heading? Is the market getting tighter? These questions and more can be answered with the montly Pulse Signal Report, providing market insights and forecasts based on almost $50B in actual shipment data annually.

Trusted benchmarks, measurable results

Compare your freight network against the market

Our proprietary benchmarking approach leverages your actual shipment data, so you receive detailed reports of your specific network. Available for both Europe and North America, shippers can benchmark performance by lane, carrier and geography as well as weekly trends by mode, carrier and industry, which highlight the impact of procurement efforts and changes due to market dynamics

The most accurate pricing tools

Access to leading technology and analytics

Every FMIC member receives access to pricing tools and market rate estimaters. You can also access this data through cloud-based visualization and business intelligence tools (powered by Tableau) as well as REST-based APIs for integration into your transportation management system or other software.

Unique market insights

Subscriptions include shipper consortium membership

DAT iQ shipper subscribers get membership into the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium (formerly part of Chainalytics). With members taking part in in-depth surveys and reports, you’ll get exclusive insight into everything from operations and procurement strategies to technology, accessorials and fuel management, plus special reports to help you anticipate and plan your transportation operations.

Peer-to-peer networking

Exclusive access to events and research

Whether through user groups or the annual membership events, there are significant opportunities for networking and best-practice sharing, with additional educational content, research insights and thought leadership from industry experts.

Freightvine, presented by DAT iQ

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Hosted by Dr. Chris Caplice, Chief Scientist with FMIC, and Dr. Inam Iyoob, Principle of Global Freight Market Intelligence at FMIC, Freightvine cuts through speculation and rumors to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the transportation markets. Each episode, Dr. Caplice and Dr. Iyoob speak with industry experts to lift the uncertainty that clouds the freight marketplace.

“This collaboration gives us visibility into our competitiveness at regional, country, corridor, lane and supplier levels, plus a better understanding of spot market dynamics. The FMIC platform is a key pillar of our transport-sourcing strategy, and improvements over the years add more efficiency and credibility as more shippers join the consortium.”

Mohamed Abdeldayem, Global Category Lead, Danone