Commercial Cargo Insurance

Commercial Cargo Insurance

DAT’s partnership with Loadsure offers carriers a digital platform with robust commercial cargo insurance solutions.

DAT has joined forces with Loadsure, the industry’s trusted choice for all-risk, per-load commercial freight insurance. With Loadsure, you get expedited claims payouts, dynamic pricing, door-to-door coverage, and more, so you can enjoy peace of mind on every load.

  • Pay only for the coverage you need—not a dollar more.
  • Secure your cargo liability instantly with comprehensive all-risk coverage.
  • Experience stress-free claims and get paid quickly.

Pay only for the coverage you need—not a dollar more.

With a per-load model, you get comprehensive, cost-effective commercial cargo insurance that just makes sense.

DAT has partnered with leading commercial cargo insurance company Loadsure to offer quality coverage without locking you into a fixed premium regardless of your freight. Loadsure’s flexible per-load model revolutionizes the insurance landscape by sparing carriers from long-term premiums, rigid fee structures, and excessive surcharges. Carriers can lower their insurance costs by up to 80% instantly with Loadsure’s commercial cargo insurance coverage because it reflects the fair market value of each load.

Secure your cargo liability instantly with comprehensive all-risk coverage.

With Loadsure’s data-driven commercial cargo protection pricing, you pay to cover the load you’re hauling.

Carriers can instantly get optimal insurance coverage at the right price and secure peace of mind through Loadsure. Their AI engine, powered by high-resolution data, provides real-time pricing for a range of freight risks. With Loadsure’s ultra-precise analysis and data-driven approach, you can leave behind the usual price fluctuations associated with conventional insurance. This cost-effective and reliable pricing substantially decreases your commercial cargo insurance cost on every load.

Experience stress-free claims and get paid quickly.

Loadsure ensures you stay on course with immediate access to funds upon processing.

Loadsure’s data-driven approach will accurately calculate the commercial cargo insurance cost for each load, underwrite risks in real time, and quickly process your claims.

Ditch time-consuming submissions for Loadsure’s smart, streamlined process. Save time and improve claim outcomes with Loadsure’s automated claims system. And enjoy shorter processing times with a centralized system that automatically checks for errors before filing your claim.

“Claims like this typically take two to three months, but it only took two weeks with Loadsure.”

- John Coviello, President GMG Transwest Corp

"Loadsure is a no-brainer. I don't remember ever really having to sell it. It's just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better."

- Patrick O’Loughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

Get affordable per-load commercial cargo insurance from DAT partner Loadsure!

Experience Loadsure’s flexible commercial cargo insurance coverage options. Pay for the exact coverage you need in seconds and leave behind inefficient policies that have been eating into your business’s profits. Never spend an extra dollar on insurance coverage and elevate your protection with DAT One!

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