FMCSA Carrier Search

FMCSA Carrier Search

Validate carriers with DAT CarrierWatch and ensure every carrier is compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Get detailed information on carriers across the country with a quick search on DAT CarrierWatch. With our FMCSA carrier search, you can find out background info on carriers — even ones who aren’t on the DAT network.

  • Validate carriers fast with DAT’s carrier search engine.
  • Identify unreliable carriers and save money.
  • Monitor carriers with email alerts and updates.

Validate carriers fast with DAT’s carrier search engine.

View carrier data all in one place, including thousands of carriers who aren’t in the DAT network.

When selecting the best carriers for your transportation needs, reducing risk is crucial. DAT’s CarrierWatch provides a searchable database of active and inactive carriers, including ones not connected to the DAT network. Access to comprehensive information such as insurance, safety records, and DOT/FMCSA authority records, enables you to make faster and informed decisions. Avoid wasting time waiting for background checks, and seal deals in an instant. Count on DAT’s CarrierWatch to help you choose trustworthy carriers.

Identify unreliable carriers and save money.

Use the DAT carrier search to spot carriers who you should and shouldn’t be doing business with.

Available through your DAT Power toolbox, CarrierWatch provides a wide range of data for carriers across the industry. With insurance and safety info, you can spot unreliable carriers quickly. Plus, CarrierWatch allows you to identify whether a carrier’s address or contact information has been used before, making it easy to spot reincarnated carriers.

Monitor carriers with email alerts and updates.

Stay updated in real-time whenever your carriers’ personal information changes.

Once you’ve found a carrier you’re interested in, DAT CarrierWatch allows you to monitor carriers through your DAT One mobile app. If a carrier makes a change to their FMCSA or DOT registration, insurance details, or safety ratings, you can get notified of the change as soon as it occurs. With alerts sent directly to your smartphone, DAT CarrierWatch keeps you in the loop.

"DAT has helped us grow exponentially over the last 20 years, I don't know where we would be without it.”

- Brian Sutton, Austin Freight Systems

“It’s a great load board. You have everything you need at your fingertips. You put something in, man, you better be ready to take the calls.”

- Shellie T. Greene, Agent for O & I Transport, Inc

Validate carriers fast with FMCSA carrier search.

Get the necessary background information to guarantee the safety and dependability of carriers. Utilizing DAT’s CarrierWatch, you have the ability to review insurance details, safety track records, and personalized criteria pertaining to more than 200,000 active carriers and over 100,000 inactive carriers. Ensure your cargo is entrusted to capable hands with DAT.

DAT CarrierWatch

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