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Free load boards can help you find a limited number of loads, but a paid subscription to DAT offers access to unlimited searches, mileage and routing, and more.

When it comes to running a trucking business and finding the right loads, free isn’t always best. Investing in a quality paid load board can more than pay off in the long run.

  • Find the right loads with unlimited searching and posting.
  • Find the loads that best meet your needs.
  • Make sure you’re getting paid the best possible rates.
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Find the right loads with unlimited searching and posting.

With DAT’s paid load board, you’ll gain access to the biggest on-demand truckload marketplace.

Free load boards are limited: they may cap how many searches you can perform or only offer loads that other carriers aren't willing to move. DAT offers the ability to create a free account before signing up for the paid load board, as well as access to the free DAT One app. However, a paid subscription offers unlimited searching and posting, with the power to conduct separate searches based on current location, possible destinations, equipment, truck size, and more.

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Find the loads that best meet your needs.

Limited searching means limited results. With paid load boards like DAT, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Even the best free load search boards can’t compare to paid options. DAT’s load board free trial options let you sample the paid product, allowing you to see what loads are available before you buy. A paid subscription, on the other hand, makes it easy to find the load that best matches your needs. Plus, the best load boards also have a much larger number of loads to choose from, along with better rate data.

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Make sure you’re getting paid the best possible rates.

Get information on business partners and average market rates to help your business grow.

Free freight load boards don’t give you the details you need to choose the right loads. 

With DAT’s paid load board, you can easily see where trucks are in high demand, what the average market rate is for each lane, and company reviews and credit scores for business partners — including information on when they typically pay. You can use this information to boost your negotiating power and find the best possible rates.

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  • Free load boards are exactly what they sound like — load boards that you can access without paying for the service. However, with a free option, you don’t get very much. 

    If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a paid subscription, a free load board like the DAT One app can give you a taste of what the paid service looks like. This free option lets you search for a limited number of loads based exclusively on your current location. Because of the limitations of free load boards, most carriers invest in a paid subscription to gain access to additional features.

  • With a paid load board, your searches are not limited to just your location and there is no cap on how many searches you can conduct. This means that you can keep searching until you find the perfect load. 

    You also get to choose from a huge number of quality loads and business partners. For example, DAT has 887,000 new loads posted every day. 

    If you’re serious about succeeding in your trucking business, a paid load board is one of your best and most important investments.

  • DAT gives you all the information you need to find and pick the right loads. The services offered by a free load board just aren’t sufficient in the modern trucking industry. 

    A paid subscription to DAT provides access to the biggest on-demand truckload marketplace anywhere. With over 249 million loads and trucks posted every year, there’s no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for. Unlimited searches and posts and the ability to set alarms for matches means you can always find the right loads, even if you aren’t currently logged into the system. 

    DAT lets you find the best loads at the best rates so that your trucking business can succeed.

  • Free load apps like the DAT One app will often show you the rates that freight brokers and shippers are offering on each load. 

    However, the benefit of a paid load board like DAT’s is that it shows you the average rates that other carriers are getting paid on those lanes, so you can use that information to negotiate the best possible rates.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.” 

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking 

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