Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Access fuel discounts and other great benefits with fuel cards for trucking companies.

The best fuel card for trucking companies helps you reduce fuel costs by offering tools to find discounted fuel and other money-saving benefits. Plus, carriers can find fuel discounts from our partners right in the DAT One mobile app!

  • Save money on fuel costs while using our mobile app.
  • Identify discounted fuel from anywhere on your routes.
  • Access additional benefits with a quality fuel card.

Save money on fuel costs while using our mobile app.

Use fuel cards for small trucking companies to lower your biggest, most variable cost: fuel.

No matter the size of your trucking company, you have a lot of costs to consider for each load you pick up. The biggest cost — and the most variable one — is typically fuel. With fuel cards for trucking businesses, you can find discounted fuel on each refill. Plus, you can save money on everything from tires to food when you accumulate points.

Identify discounted fuel from anywhere on your routes.

Find discount fuel rates right on your routes to save time and boost your fuel efficiency.

Given that fuel is such a major cost, boosting fuel efficiency is often a top priority for truckers. The best fuel card trucking companies can get is one that helps you find discounted fuel right on your route. Looking for that top-of-the-line fuel card? The DAT Fuel Card Referral Program helps you find the best fuel card and see discounted fuel on-the-go with the free DAT One mobile app.

Access additional benefits with a quality fuel card.

Get more than just fuel discounts with the best fuel card for small trucking company needs.

If you’re comparing different fuel card programs, pay attention to the details. They’re all going to earn you discounts and points, but fuel card programs often come with additional services — and this is where the specifics will vary widely. Some discount fuel cards for owner operators can save you up to 65% on tire prices, factor your invoices automatically, and provide market insights based on data-driven analytics.

“WEX adds extra value because they tailored the program to give us varying start and stop times for fueling. They also allow us to assign the cards to employees and cut down on fraud. It’s a very good program for us.”

-Charles Cotton, Fleet and Logistics Director – Lucas Tree Experts

Start saving money with fuel cards for trucking companies today!

The biggest variable cost for most trucking companies is fuel. The good news is that you can save money and increase your bottom line with a fuel card that offers major discounts on fuel along with other great cost-saving benefits. Find the perfect card today with the DAT Fuel Card Referral Program!