Hotshot CDL Requirements

Hotshot CDL Requirements

DAT Authority makes it easy to meet your hotshot CDL requirements and get on the road.

Are you wondering “What license do you need for hotshot trucking?”  If so, you’re not alone. Get the answers on hotshot driver license requirements so you can start carrying hotshot freight with confidence.

  • Launch your own hotshot trucking business in no time.
  • Get your paperwork in order without any stress.
  • Build connections and grow your freight network.

Launch your own hotshot trucking business in no time.

Let the experts at DAT Authority handle all your hotshot CDL requirements so you can focus on building your business.

Keeping track of hotshot driver license requirements while also navigating the intricacies of starting a new business is tough. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

While there are no specific hotshot CDL requirements, there are a lot of requirements for gaining operating authority. DAT Authority makes it easy for new hotshot truckers to hit the ground running and build staying power, helping with your paperwork to ensure it’s filled out quickly and accurately so you don’t have to worry about getting any license needed for hotshot trucking.

Get your paperwork in order without any stress.

DAT Authority will handle the paperwork so you can get your operating authority with ease.

Unless you’re hauling large loads, there are no special hotshot CDL requirements. But to become an independent hotshot trucker, there are other steps you must take, like acquiring your operating authority. Without it, you can’t legally haul freight for money, making it a license needed for hotshot trucking in function if not name.

The federal and state approval process can last a minimum of five to seven weeks. Add in other registration fees, BOC-3 paperwork, and insurance policies, and you’re looking at a time-consuming, often-confusing process. With DAT Authority, you can pass off that confusion to the experts. We’ll handle the paperwork so you can meet your hotshot driver license requirements with ease.

Build connections and grow your freight network.

DAT offers the perfect platform for hotshot carriers to hit the ground running.

Success is about more than just meeting hotshot CDL requirements. With a subscription to DAT One, your hotshot trucking business can soon be on the fastrack to success. DAT One is the all-in-one solution for all of your hotshot trucking needs. With the biggest load board in the industry, DAT gives you access to the most freight options, trucker tools, and quality partners in the business. It’s no wonder hotshot truckers, whether they’re just starting out or are long-established, trust DAT One to accelerate their path to profitability.

"Some say it's simple to get your authority, and that you should save your money and do it yourself. Other people, including myself, are not sure where to even begin. I used a service provided by DAT to get my authority. It was important to me that it was done right the first time, by people who have done this before."

- Chad Boblett - Boblett Brothers Trucking

"They took me by the hand an led me through all of the diffiult and confusing steps to ensure that I started off on the right food. I cannot say it any clearer than these folks know what it's all about."

- Gregg Knight, LTL Trucking

Make a splash from day one with DAT!

DAT offers the best way to grow your business from a single hotshot truck to a fleet of fifty vehicles and beyond. While DAT Authority helps take care of everything you need to get started as a hotshot trucker, DAT One’s super-database connects you to the biggest freight network in North America so you can hit the ground running.

Authority: Basic

$ 549 *
  • Includes all federal fees
  • MC / DOT number
  • BOC 3 process agents