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DAT’s load boards help you find the best rates, so you can grow your business.

When you subscribe to the DAT load board, you gain insight into high quality spot market rate negotiation tools that help ensure you’re getting paid fairly.

  • Uncover the market price for every load.
  • Pinpoint where truck drivers are in high demand.
  • View credit data for freight brokers.
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Uncover the market price for every load.

With market pricing tools, DAT’s load boards can help you find loads that pay fairly every time.

As an owner-operator, DAT load boards will give you access to complete details on going rates paid by brokers and shippers for each load in your area. You can compare market info with your broker’s price, and understand exactly how much you should be getting paid for every load. Our rate features are easy to use, and they help you negotiate your best deals.

Pinpoint where truck drivers are in high demand.

DAT’s load boards offer a detailed view into demand, so you can see where brokers need drivers.

With a detailed picture of market rates, you can use the DAT load board to see where your services are needed most. Demand insights let you find consistent business and maximize profits. This info is accessible wherever you are with the DAT mobile app and mobile-responsive website, helping you save money in the long run.

View credit data for freight brokers.

Access credit data, user reviews, and average time-to-pay to ensure your brokers are reliable.

Even the best rates may not be worth it if your broker is late with payments, or doesn’t get you the payment at all. With credit scores for every broker on the load board, you can see exactly who you’re doing business with — and avoid untrustworthy brokers whose rates might seem too good to be true.

  • DAT’s load boards are the biggest in the country, with over 623,000 new loads posted every day. But size isn’t the only advantage to working with DAT. As an owner operator, you’ll benefit from our load boards with rates you can’t get anywhere else. Our load pricing features let you determine exactly how much you should be getting paid for each load, and where your highest demand is.

  • Load boards that show rates are great, but you also need to make sure your brokers are reliable. Let’s say you’ve found a stellar rate, but the broker has a history of slow payment. DAT helps you make sure a broker’s rates aren’t too good to be true. With our load boards, you can view credit score info, user reviews, and days-to-pay history for all your brokers.

  • DAT offers a detailed truck load board with rates on the go, so you can use your DAT subscription wherever you have cell service. Free for your smartphone, the DAT mobile app and mobile-responsive website let you access the most up-to-date rate info with a format that’s easy to use on any handheld device. With rates that can change at the drop of a hat, you need a solution that updates on the go.

  • When you find yourself in a new place looking for loads, it can be difficult to understand how much you should be charging. Brokers are always trying to maximize their profits, so you may need to negotiate your rate before you sign onto a new load. DAT’s load boards give you an updated view into the market rates for accurate pricing info, so you can negotiate a fair price every time.

  • With your DAT subscription, what you see is what you get. We want to make sure that carriers have the resources to find the best rates for each load. Plus, we don’t charge added fees past a certain number of searches, and you won’t find new charges no matter how many loads you post. With a standard monthly rate, you can search and post as much as you want.

  • DAT isn’t just a load board, it’s an investment into your trucking business. We want to ensure a long-term commitment with our faithful customers — so we’ve got your back no matter what. With DAT Assurance, ff your collection isn’t successful, DAT will credit your account up to $1,000 based on your level of subscription. That means if a broker breaks a promise, we’ll help make sure you get paid for your work.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.” 

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking 

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