Overnight Truck Parking

Overnight Truck Parking

DAT One is ready to help you find safe, reliable truck parking overnight.

Carriers often face the challenge of finding nearby overnight truck parking, leading to uncertainty and inconvenience. However, with the DAT One mobile app, you can bid farewell to this headache. Our app provides a solution by allowing you to secure overnight truck parking in advance, eliminating the uncertainty associated with hauling freight. Take control of your journey and experience the convenience of the DAT One app today.

  • Find overnight truck parking in advance.
  • Book daily, monthly, and overnight.
  • Manage your route map on the go with DAT One.

Find overnight truck parking in advance.

Locating a safe overnight truck stop on the go doesn’t have to be a headache.
DAT One excels at providing a seamless experience in finding safe and reliable overnight parking for carriers. With the industry-leading DAT One mobile app, carriers can effortlessly locate and reserve overnight truck parking without the need for web searches or switching between apps. Benefit from the convenience and efficiency of the app to streamline your process and ensure a hassle-free experience. Trust DAT One to meet your overnight parking needs with ease.

Book daily, monthly, and overnight.

DAT One allows you to safely leave your truck for longer.
Eliminate the endless search for an “overnight truck stop near me” when you require extended parking for your truck. Trust the DAT One mobile app to simplify the process by helping you find secure and dependable parking, whether you’re an over-the-road (OTR) driver or a short hauler. Not only can drivers benefit from the app, but carriers also have the option to book overnight truck parking for their drivers. Embrace the convenience and reliability of the DAT One app for all your parking needs, beyond just a single night.

Manage your business on the go with DAT One.

Finding truck parking overnight is just one of many tools for route planning available on the DAT One mobile app.
Finding overnight truck parking is indeed crucial for effective route planning, but it’s only one aspect of the equation. With the DAT One mobile app, you can go beyond just parking. Combining the functionality of 15 apps into one, the DAT One app empowers you to effortlessly locate a suitable overnight truck stop, access truck zone information, and even find cost-effective fuel options on the go. Simplify your trucking operations and experience the convenience of a comprehensive solution with the DAT One app.

"Very helpful for new drivers in the industry, tons of information."

- Kennard Kahn

Never wonder where you’re parking with DAT One
Discovering overnight truck parking along your route no longer needs to be a daunting task. With the DAT One mobile app, you can effortlessly locate secure and dependable truck parking options in advance or on demand. Rest assured knowing that the DAT One app has your back, providing peace of mind and convenience wherever your journey takes you. Simplify your trucking experience and rely on DAT’s trusted solutions to meet your overnight parking needs.