Repair Broken Routing Guides

Repair Broken Routing Guides with DAT LaneMakers

Find carriers to plug routing guide leaks and stay on time and within budget.

Tight capacity and market volatility create routing guide failures that frustrate customers and hurt the bottom line. DAT LaneMakers helps you find carriers for challenging lanes to repair broken routing guides and take charge of your supply chain.

  • Fix routing guide failures by finding new carriers. 
  • Contain costs to stay within budget.
  • Keep customers satisfied and maintain the health of your network.

Fix routing guide failures by finding new carriers.

See which carriers are interested in lanes that have fallen out of your routing guide.

When lanes fall out of your logistics routing guide, you need to find alternative carriers as soon as possible to stay on-time, while avoiding spot premiums. DAT LaneMakers shows carriers that have posted loads for specific lanes as well as search activity on those lanes, to help you identify carriers to quickly plug leaking routing guides and eventually build new business relationships.

Contain costs to stay within budget

Avoid spot market premiums that result from prolonged routing guide failures.

When freight routing guides fail, you’re often forced to resort to higher rates on the spot market, and if this goes on for too long, you risk quickly overextending your transportation costs. DAT LaneMakers gives you insights into carriers already seeking shipments for your trouble lanes to help you avoid the spot market and keep costs within budget. 

Keep customers satisfied with on-time deliveries.

Identify carriers to keep your products on the shelves and expand your freight network

To maintain the health of your network and ultimately your business’s bottom line, you need to keep your products on the shelves to satisfy your customers. With insight into carriers proactively looking at lanes that are falling through your carrier routing guide, you can ensure shipments meet customer delivery windows while uncovering new carrier relationship opportunities.

“LaneMakers is an incredible place to go to find dark capacity you’re not gonna (be able to) find on a load board, or may not find in your own internal lane history.”

- Andrew Smith - VP of Sales & Operations, Circle Logistics.

Fix your broken routing guide today.

Get clear insight into carriers that can help address routing guide failures. Request a demo with a DAT iQ transportation market expert to learn how leading transportation teams are using LaneMakers to repair broken routing guides and take charge of your supply chain and logistics. 

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