Truck Weigh Station

Truck Weigh Station

DAT One is the best app to find the nearest certified weigh stations and opening hours.
Are you in search of a “truck weigh station near me”? Look no further. With the powerful features of the DAT One app, you can easily check the operational status of nearby weigh stations. This valuable information empowers you to plan your route ahead, avoiding any potential issues and saving precious time during your journey. By knowing whether a weigh station is open or closed, you can optimize your driving route, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience on the road.
  • Real-time details on certified weigh stations.
  • Run your business more efficiently.
  • Plan your route based on your current location.

Real-time details on certified weigh stations.

With the DAT One truck weigh station app, you can see when certified weigh stations are open or closed in real-time.
DAT One’s vehicle weigh station capabilities operate in real-time to reliably show you where weigh stations are located and if they are open or closed. This allows you to plan your journey more efficiently, taking into account the time it takes to weigh, or to determine if you can bypass the weigh bridge. DAT One’s truck weigh stations feature on the app is reliable and accurate, saving time and keeping you safer on the roads.

Run your business more efficiently.

DAT One provides truck weigh station locations and open hours so you can better plan your journey times.
Ensure compliance with weigh station regulations using the DAT One app. Plan your route by checking open stations, saving time and avoiding unnecessary stops. The app provides real-time updates on weigh station statuses, allowing you to optimize your journey. Drive confidently, knowing which stations will be open during your driving times. Experience convenience and efficiency with the DAT One app.

Plan your route based on your current location.

With DAT’s vehicle weigh station search capabilities, you can plan your route to maximize time and profits.
Direct access to the DAT One truck weigh station app from your iOS or Android allows you to access certified weigh stations across the United States from your location. This saves time on the road and improves your efficiency to drive profits. Find and save locations quickly and easily based on your current GPS position or create a search to match your next job.

"Very helpful for new drivers in the industry, tons of information."

- Kennard Kahn

Find certified truck scales nearby with DAT One!

With the DAT One app, easily locate a nearby “truck scale” to ensure your load adheres to legal weight limits. Utilize the DAT One’s truck weigh station GPS feature to identify weigh station locations and their opening hours, enhancing road safety. Stay informed, stay compliant, and drive with confidence using the DAT One app for a seamless trucking experience.