Truck Parking

DAT has partnered with TruckPark to help drivers find safe and secure parking they can reserve while on the road, saving time and hassle.

Ensure your cargo is safe with secure parking

Reduce stress

With TruckPark, finding safe truck parking is fast and easy. Say goodbye to the stress and distraction of finding the right spot.

Gain visibility

TruckPark provides real-time visibility into parking locations, pricing and amenities. You can also reserve spaces ahead of time or on-demand, depending on what you’re looking for.

Stay secure

With TruckPark you can be confident that you’re only parking in locations where your vehicle and cargo are secure.

Save time with TruckPark’s quick and easy features

Get parking through the DAT One app

Searching for parking wastes precious time and fuel. Thanks to the partnership between TruckPark and DAT, truck drivers can find parking on the DAT One mobile app quickly and easily

Automate the parking process

Simply enter the address into the DAT One app and TruckPark will find the closest safe parking options in the area. Reserve a space right in the app.

Fleet management options

Enterprise solutions for brokers, carriers and shippers allow instant access to managed parking, automated payment more. Plus, brokers use TruckPark to reserve TruckParking for carriers as a value-added service for their customers.

Plans & Pricing

Truck Parking

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A few things you
might be asking yourself

Yes! Ease and efficiency are two of the main advantages of TruckPark. The platform is integrated right into the DAT One mobile application, making it easy for owner-operators with five trucks or less to find, reserve and pay for safe parking in real time.

DAT One also helps you quickly find rest areas, weigh stations, fuel prices, hotels, truck stops with parking lots and much more!
Absolutely! TruckPark only shows parking locations where drivers, their commercial trucks and their cargo will be safe for the night. That’s why carriers and shippers who need security for high-value loads use TruckPark.

TructPark gives you real-time insights into parking facilities, amenities, pricing and availability on the go so you have full visibility into your parking spot before you reserve it.

No! Although you do have to pay for the parking itself, you’ll never be charged extra for making a reservation with TruckPark.

Anyone! TruckPark is designed for a range of industry professionals, including owner-operators, larger carriers, fleets, shippers and brokers.

As DAT’s preferred partner for secure truck parking, TruckPark makes it quick and easy to find and reserve safe parking on the go. DAT customers receive a 15%  discount on all TruckPark services.

Need more tools?

We have even more solutions to help with tracking, bidding and budgeting. Find exactly what you need.

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