Vehicle Titling Registration

Secure your assets, save money, and expand your business with titling and registration support from DAT Fleet Services.

Expand Beyond State Lines

Re-title with ease

We can re-title the vehicle asset portfolio of any company you acquire. We know the requirements and fees for every state, so you can rest easy knowing everything is done the right way the first time.

Avoid lawyers and save money

With DAT, there’s no need to hire attorneys or paralegals – we can re-title and register your vehicles in any jurisdiction, saving you time and money.

Make life easier

Our in-depth understanding of the re-titling process lets us get the job done quickly. Already have an in-house titling team? We’ll work with them to improve and accelerate the process.

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Vehicle Titling Registration

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A few things you
might be asking yourself

Unsecured liens can lead to financial loss. Exactly how much revenue are you losing to unsecured assets? A lot. When your name is not on the title, a single unsecured asset becomes one too many. 

No! At DAT, we can re-title and register your vehicles in any jurisdiction, which means there’s no need to hire attorneys or paralegals to take care of the process for you. Save time and money with DAT.

Absolutely! Your vehicles must be titled in the state where they’re domiciled, meaning vehicle titling services are a must if you want to expand your business beyond state lines. 

Professional vehicle titling services guide you through the entire process and ensure you meet each state’s unique requirements so you can expand your business with ease.

We sure can — that’s what makes DAT the best vehicle titling solution around. We’ve been titling vehicles for years, so we know how to process paperwork anywhere in the country, no matter what unique requirements you’re facing. 

Our team will work with your in-house staff to improve and expedite their existing processes.

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