DAT Product News

Load Board App Sends Alerts About the Freight You Want

Want to get a heads up whenever a load you want gets posted to DAT load boards? Read More

Biggest Load Board is Now Even Bigger

Good news: the biggest load board in the industry is now even bigger. Read More

New Load Board App Gets You Home

One of the perks of having a DAT subscription is being able to use the DAT Load Board for Truckers app for Android… Read More

Free Zip Zone and KMA Wall Map Available

<p>DAT has updated its popular Zip Zone and Key Market Area wall map. Read More

Download the New Load Board App for Truckers

Need a load and can't get to a computer? No problem. Read More

New Carrier Onboarding Software: Fast, Accurate, 100% Mobile

This week… Read More

5 Powerful Tools for Finding Capacity

If you use the DAT Power load board, but have never clicked on the toolbox icon in the upper right-hand corner… Read More

Don't Renew Your Broker Bond (Until You Get a Recent Quote)

<p>img class=blog_preview_image_left src=/site/assets/media/blog/2015/09/Surety-Bond. Read More

DAT Launches TMS for New Freight Brokers

DAT just launched a transportation management system that's designed specifically for entry-level freight brokers. Read More

DAT User Conference Turns New Hires Into Revenue Generators

When you hire a new broker, how long does it take to get him or her up to speed — to become a productive… Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Our Free Trucker App

If you use the DAT Trucker mobile app for Android, you probably noticed some big changes recently. Read More

Reach Truckers on the Road

If you need a little extra help finding a truck to cover a load… Read More