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For years, DAT has provided its load board users with a directory where they can to learn more about the carriers, brokers, shippers and freight forwarders they’re considering doing business with.

Now, there’s a beta version of the DAT Directory that organizes the data in order of importance so you can find what you need at a glance — and we want to know what you think if it. See below for how to access the DAT Directory from within your freight load board and other DAT products.

The DAT Directory is included free in all DAT applications, including load boards. Not a DAT customer? See which load board is right for you.

With the new version of the DAT Directory, you can get to information fast using the navigation column on the left. In the upper right, you can toggle between the classic and beta versions.

What’s new?

The beta version of the DAT Directory features a more modern look and makes it easier to find what you need. Later releases will allow advanced searching capabilities, better filtering of results, and more. The beta doesn’t yet have everything the classic version does, but you can toggle back to the classic version if you need to. Rest assured, all the data you’re used to in the classic version will be added to the new DAT Directory in the coming months.

What is the directory?

The DAT Directory is a free tool that provides a comprehensive listing of all DAT customers. It includes the company’s name, address, phone number, Docket and DOT number, and more.

For carrier listings, it includes information on the types of trailers the carrier pulls, number of power units, what states the carrier operates in, and special services such as Hazmat, CARB compliance, and cross-border certification. It also lists the carrier’s FMCSA safety rating and provides a direct link to the carrier’s publicly-available CSA data.

How do I find the directory?

If you have the DAT Power load board, you can access the directory from multiple places within the product:

In DAT Power, you can get to the DAT Directory from menus at the top of the page, or by conducting a search and clicking the company’s name.

DAT TruckersEdge and DAT Express load board users will find the directory in the left menu area. Simply click Tools, and then DAT Directory.

How do I provide feedback?

In order to provide feedback on the beta version, you first need to be viewing the company’s Detail Page. In the upper right hand corner you will see a link that says “Provide Feedback.” You can see it in the first screenshot on this page.


Learn more about DAT’s product offering for carriers, brokers, shippers and freight forwarders.

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