New Hot Market Maps show when and where you’ll find a load

Looking for your next load? Need a truck? Check your watch, and then go to your DAT Hot Market Map. In addition to a detailed view of load and truck posts and ratios, the latest version has a timeline display that gives you the info you need to make your truck or load post stand out from the crowd.

Hot Market Maps are included in DAT Power and DAT RateView. Click on the toolbox icon in the upper right of your screen, and start exploring.

Don’t have it? Contact us to add Hot Market Maps to your load board subscription.

See which market areas have a favorable load-to-truck ratio, with eight shades of color in the Hot Market Map. The actual numbers of load posts and truck posts are also displayed, so you can decide which markets are truly “hot” for vans, reefers or flatbeds.


Find hour-by-hour details for the last business day, or day-by-day totals under the map for the time period you select. Get the national average or zoom in on a region, a state or an individual market.


Select the time period as well as the geographic area, to analyze trends and find the best time for your posting and searching activity.


Look at a whole month to figure out the pattern. In this view of December 2018, it’s easy to spot the weekends and holidays. Almost everyone took a four-day weekend for Christmas, but some folks managed to get work done on New Year’s Eve.


Where to find Hot Market Maps

All that information is right at your fingertips and lets you make quick business decisions. Just click on the toolbox icon in the top-right corner of DAT Power or RateView, and you’ll find the Hot Market Map right alongside tools such as LaneMakers and the DAT Directory.


Not already a DAT customer? Learn more about the DAT Power load board and DAT RateView freight rate analysis and benchmarking. You can also call 800.551.8847 or fill out this contact form.

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