TransCore Sees Spot Market Rates Dip but Retain Seasonal Strength as Truckload Freight Volume Remains Stable

PORTLAND, Ore. -- As overall spot market freight volume remained stable week over week, the national average linehaul rates for dry vans ($1.37 per mile) and flatbeds ($1.74 per mile) dipped but remained above end-of-May highs according to TransCore's Truckload Rate Index. Freight availability on TransCore's DAT Network of load boards typically peaks in June on the spot market, however capacity concerns led some brokers and shippers to accelerate freight movements to the first half of the month.

On the spot market, load volume declined 1.9 percent week over week for dry vans, the primary transportation mode, and remained flat for flatbeds and refrigerated ("reefer") vans, according to TransCore Trendlines, a weekly barometer for spot market freight trends.

Rates rose for reefers, which are in high demand due to seasonal fruit and vegetable shipments, particularly in California. TransCore’s special Seasonal Produce Report provides a more detailed look at key market areas.

TransCore’s truckload rate trend of the week is derived from the company’s Truckload Rate Index, based on $4 billion in actual invoices updated daily for vans, reefers and flatbeds across the United States and Canada. The truckload rate trend of the week is a feature of TransCore Trendlines, a weekly online publication. Trendlines publishes key indicators from TransCore's DAT Network of load boards, a marketplace for more than 60 million loads and trucks listed annually by freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers and carriers across the United States. TransCore Trendlines also includes transportation industry data from the American Trucking Associations and the U.S. Department of Energy.